Case Refurbishing


Strategic - Refurbishing a case InStore transforms a refrigerated case to “like new” appearance overnight. The alternative to complete case replacement means days of store disruption thus sending your customers to the competition.
Cost-Effective - Well maintained refrigerated cases will perform for over twenty years. Unfortunately, refrigerated cases in high volume stores can look worn out in as little as three to five years. The solution is to replace damaged, rusty, or worn out parts to make the cases look like new at a fraction of the cost of buying and installing new cases.
Sustainable - Case refurbishment uses much less material than complete case replacement. Replaced materials are recycled. When cases are refurbished, they can be updated with newer and more energy efficient lights and motors.





Exterior - All visible parts are replaced including bumpers, kick-plates, front panels, canopies and system tags.
Interior - All visible parts are replaced including back panels, top and bottom ducts, shelves, wire racks, dividers, thermometers, honeycomb, front guards, lights, and case model labels.
Asset Protection Equipment - It is highly recommended that asset protection equipment be procured and installed around all refrigerated cases. To fully protect cases from damage, the ideal time to install asset protection is immediately after the initial installation however it is never too late to install as a preventative measure to extend the life of all refurbished cases.

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STEP 1 The Store Scope and Assessment

  1. Cases are inspected and case information is recorded
  2. A base line is established for air flow and supply air temperatures
  3. The floor plan is mapped for the case work
  4. Any deficiencies are noted

STEP 2 Case Engineering

Once the scope of work has been determined, case parts not in the existing parts library must be developed.

STEP 3 Case Front Kits - Parts are packaged by case using bill of materials

STEP 4 Delivery

Completed case kits are delivered to the store. Installation crews bring necessary tools and equipment to the store.

STEP 5 Installation

STEP 6 Final Inspection, Walk-through and Sign-off

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