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Clear Bakery Bins

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    • Clear bins are great for displaying breads, rolls, buns, bagels, etc.
    • Bins can be customized to your specifications
    • Clear hinges for easy viewing
    • Curved lip for easy lifting
    • Useful in other departments for displaying candies and other items
    • Can be used with a number of fixtures to increase displays holding capacity
    • Available with metal or acrylic handles
    • Also available in transparent smoke-colored acrylic

    Sizes Available:

    • 12.25 X 11.25 X 10.5 Clear .177 Gauge Acrylic Bin
    • 11.25 X 17.75 X 10.25 0.177 Clear Bin
    • 10x6x28 Clear .188 Gauge Acrylic Bin
    • 12x6x28 Clear .188 Gauge Acrylic Bin
    • 6x6x28 Clear .188 Gauge Acrylic Bin
    • 35 X 17.5 X 19

    Product tag(s): Bakery, All Bakery, Bakery Accessories

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