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ET-190 Series Oak European Table with Pull-Out Pallets

ET-190 Series Oak European Table with Pull-Out Pallets

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    Full Spectrum of retail solutions

    Marco’s Euro Tables give you a variety of decor choices from Rustic (wood) to Contemporary (metal). Choose from a flat shelf, slanted shelf, pull out shelves, display along a wall or back to back.  Marco offers you the opportunity to display and maximize your produce space.  Additional accessories are available.      


    European Table “Classic Series”

    Marco’s largest Euro Table group.  Enjoy that classic look with adjustable wooden shelves and pull out drawers.  These tables can be placed side by side, along the wall or back to back.  Several merchandising options and accessories are available  

    Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 800-356-2848 for more information.

    • Features 2 1/2" square metal legs and wooden table top
    • All tables come standard with a pull-out drawer and a pull-out pallet for extra display space.
    • ET-190 Series European Tables are built with heavy-duty oak wood for increased durability
    • Tables can be displayed along a wall or placed back-to-back

      Sizes Available:

      • 36x36 Table with pull-out pallet
      • 48x36 Table with pull-out pallet

      Product tag(s): European Tables, All European Tables, Classic Series

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