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Metal Rail Floral End Caps

Metal Rail Floral End Caps

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  • Item Description:

    Full Spectrum of retail solutions

    Marco’s Euro Tables give you a variety of decor choices from Rustic (wood) to Contemporary (metal). Choose from a flat shelf, slanted shelf, pull out shelves, display along a wall or back to back.  Marco offers you the opportunity to display and maximize your produce space.  Additional accessories are available.

    European Table “Metal Rail Tables”

    Marco’s “Metal Rail Series” is strong, versatile and ready for heavy usage.  This group can be colored to match your current fixtures.  Heavy traffic, shopping cart hits, easy to relocate on the floor, this is your answer. Metal Rail Series can accommodate the busies of produce departments or fold away for easy storage.

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    • Gives produce displays added color
    • Features include heavy-duty locking casters and goal post signage
    • Can be colored to match your store decor, standard color is black
    • A0182, A0183 includes 16 floral cones and can be purchased individually or as a set
    • A0185, A0186 includes nine floral cones and can be purchased individually or as a set
    • Designed to fit A0208, A0209 and A0503 style rail tables

    Sizes Available:

    • Floral end cap left side for VEG-327
    • Floral end cap right side for VEG-327

    Product tag(s): European Tables, All European Tables, Metal Rail Tables

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