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Oak Wood Produce Extenders-Oak
11 Size Available

Call 1-800-356-2848 for Price and Availablity

  • Item Description:

    • Designed to maximize display area and create impulse sales
    • Give your department a fresh new look by hiding old damaged cases
    • Slat wood construction with plastic liner
    • Wood Produce Extenders are built with heavy-duty oak to increase durability
    • Available in a variety of heights, lengths, and widths
    • Can also be used to wrap around end caps for spillover effect
    • Removable liners allow for easy cleaning and sanitation
    • Additional liner styles available

    Sizes Available:

    • 24x12x32 Oak extender
    • 24x12x28 Oak extender
    • 24x12x29 Oak extender
    • 24x12x30 Oak extender
    • 24x12x26 Oak extender
    • 24x12x33 Oak extender
    • 36x12x28 Oak extender
    • 36x12x30 Oak extender
    • 36x12x32 Oak extender
    • 48x12x30 Oak extender
    • 72x12x30 Oak extender

    Product tag(s): Produce Extenders, All Produce Extenders, Wood Produce

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